Imagine if you could actually enjoy buying insurance.

We know, insurance is a crazy idea, but at Ignite, we think we can actually succeed at making it effortless.

We took a hard look at the way other companies sell insurance and thought we could do better. A lot better. To start, we asked 

“What does our customer want?”

and used that as our guiding principle. We want our customer to feel that they are our ‘raison d’etre’.

We reject the idea that insurance has to be complicated, and we use some really cool technology to make it simple for consumers to buy their insurance and even make changes.

That doesn’t mean we are a nameless online company though. We’re a group of creative people who are here to help you any way you want. You’re in the drivers seat!

That’s us in a nutshell.

We take some of the hassle out of buying insurance and make it more enjoyable. If we do our job right, you’ll be smiling every time you come to us for help with your insurance needs.

Insurance gets a pretty bad rap for being out of touch with what people want, and a lot of it is deserved.

Too often, insurance buyers are treated like policy numbers instead of living, breathing human beings.

While we’ve come to expect excellent customer experiences from our online bookstores and banks, we sometimes feel like we’ve stepped back in time when we try to buy home and car insurance.

Ignite Insurance will have none of that. We offer our customers an engaging experience using modern tools and support them with passionate humans who are there to help.

Our website is intuitive and kind of fun enough that many customers will want to make their purchases online.

And if anyone has a question or needs some advice, they can reach us by sending us a text message, shooting us an email or picking up the phone.

We want the entire process to be effortless, interesting and down-right fun.

If we do our jobs right, we will save our customers time and let them focus on the important stuff in their lives. Doesn’t that sound revolutionary?

Where does your mantra come from?

If it comes from challenging the status quo; being fed up with archaic insurance technologies—knowing that there is a better way and you have an innate desire to connect with people in real ways to simplify their lives… then there might be a role for you at Ignite Insurance.

We’re looking for revolutionary people who genuinely love interacting with customers; who have a geeky and innate love for insurance; and a desire to be a part of a team that embraces your unique personality.

Our fresh approach to selling and servicing insurance needs a talented group of professionals who are committed to doing things differently so we can reinvent how insurance is sold and serviced.

Our staff are good at finding creative solutions to problems, embracing new opportunities and pushing technology to its limits. (and beyond!)

You want to be an Igniter?

Then we want to hear from you! We’ve made it easy for you to view and apply for the exciting opportunities we have available to join our team.

Click “Make me an Igniter” below!

We Igniters know a thing or two about insurance.

We are a small group of enthusiastic dreamers, who think there are better ways to do things and refuse to say “never”.

Steve Livingstone

Steve brings almost 25 years in the Canadian Home & Auto insurance marketplace (yes, he’s unsure whether he should be proud of that statistic or a bit frightened). Always the nomad, his career has spanned underwriting, strategic development, portfolio management, and operational roles and has included stops in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Waterloo. With experience in both the broker and direct insurance space, he has always focused on driving change and developing unique and innovative ways to package and distribute insurance.

Tanya Peretti
Chief Marketing Officer

Not just another paper cut survivor, Tanya was born at a young age and brings 18 years of marketing and business development experience in group, affinity and specialty business insurance. Known as a caffeine dependent life form she is results-oriented, a collaborative leader, who has a deep understanding of business drivers, the insurance industry and best practices for growth, retention and new business acquisitions.

Kathryn Sinclair
Chief Operating Officer

Kathryn has over 15 years of insurance experience, you are probably thinking that means she started in grade school, and yes that is an excellent guess. Leading and supporting organizations across all facets of operations, Kathryn’s expertise is in ensuring a seamless and effortless experience for our customers. She always has her ducks in a row but is quick to react when the goose gets out of line.

Rick Turola
Chief Information Officer

Rick’s parents could not afford Lego when he was a kid, so they bought the crumby kind that fell apart when you stared at it too hard. This early lesson taught him the importance of quality.

Rick embraced technology early, as a proud owner of a Commodore VIC-20. Before your time? The VIC-20 has 25x more memory than Rick yet his Pebble watch has 25x more memory than the VIC….bottom line Rick forgets to bring out the trash on Thursday night.

Jeff Kidd
Vice-President, Sales

The sales and affinity operations has a leader like no other – Jeff Kidd. Jeff brings 20 years of financial and insurance industry experience to Ignite. His reputation for motivating, inspiring, engaging and empowering brokers from good to great precedes him, as does his talent for using fantastic amounts of clip art to recognize his team’s accomplishments.

Judy Dance
Office Manager

Judy brings to the table, along with a glass of wine, over a quarter century of experience in the P&C industry. In addition to many years providing exceptional customer service and being a dedicated, motivating manager, she is able to engage her team through the forever changing insurance landscape. Because the next quarter century of her life would extend beyond her retirement years, she decided to take her ‘Get out of jail, free!’ card early. 15 months of retirement flew by about as fast as the jets she boarded during her time off.

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